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Sure, we’re old-fashioned.

Our business model dates back to the Renaissance, when artisan-centered studios began. Perhaps that’s a bit noble a claim for a painting company, but it sure beats the computerized, time and materials guys out there with pickup crews and hit-and-run customer service.

It’s the owner that makes the difference.

The tone, style and ethic of a company comes directly from the owner’s passion. Jeffrey grew up in the Midwest where a man’s not afraid of a hard day’s work. He polished his work ethic with a Masters in Fine Arts before starting one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest painting companies in 1983.

When you hire us, you’re hiring Jeffrey Tritt.

He works with you or your designer, architect or general contractor to develop a fair, competitive and thorough estimate. He’s at your site to ensure that every one of your expectations are fulfilled. He’s a stickler for neatness, quality and fulfilling your expectations.

His supervising manager and employees are trained to see their work through your eyes. While he’d like to do everything himself, he’s built a crew that’s like a family. They’re a close-knit group who’ve worked together for years. Most importantly, they love the work and enjoy working together to make beautiful results for their clients.

A welcome guest in your home.

Your home is a valued asset and you’ll enjoy a perfect guest in it as your project is quickly, quietly and unobtrusively completed. The crew is cheerful, motivated, and very respectful. Disruption is kept to a minimum, the worksite is always clean and orderly, and your life’s routines can go on even during a complicated project.

So how can Jeffrey and his team help you realize your next vision?
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