Jeffrey Tritt & Associates

Jeff Tritt is an artist.

He has an artist's eye and an artist's sensibilities.

He's smart, interested, extremely capable and always makes our work better.

Ralph & Barbara, C.
Husband & Wife Architects

We have worked with Jeff and his crew for over ten years and have always been pleased with his integrity, timeliness and excellent work. His attention to detail results in the highest quality finished projects. We never consider using any one else.

Alex and Liz M.

Over the many years I have occasion to use a variety of painters between my personal home and rentals. To give you some idea of how fussy I am about quality, my son tells me "Mom you would sweep the forest floor". With that in mind, I cannot begin to compliment Jeffrey Tritt and his crew enough for the quality and dependability that I experienced with them. Everything went smoothly, they showed up on time, they protected the surfaces that needed to be protected and were fun to be with! They did an excellent job, and I definitely would hire them again.

Now that is Quality with a capital Q!

Dixie P.

On our recent year-long home renovation, we were pleased to use the painting services of Jeffrey Tritt & Associates. We had intricate woodworking details that required the mastery of skilled painters to enhance the beauty of the architectural design. Not only did his team paint the entire house with great care, Jeff was personally able to match an antique buffet which was used as the inspiration of our entire lower level. The aged look of an Irish bar was achieved by the application of many rich layers of stains and distressed textures.

By contrast, he was also able to create and apply a warm cherry stain to give the smooth elegance needed for our study with its coffered ceilings and elaborate cabinetry.
Jeff and his team of painters work conscientiously and take care to cover where protection is needed. They are trustworthy, tidy and perfectionists.

The Tritt team maintains a high standard for their work and are a good match to the strict requirements of architects, builders and interior designers.

Lastly when your home is finished, they will organize the remaining paint and return for touch up to keep the project looking like new.

Colleen and Bill M.

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